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Metro Lock & Security offers a variety of safes to choose from directly through our huge showroom at LibertySafe.com. Depending on the use of the safe, Metro Lock & Security offers a wide range of different safes ranging from gun safes,residential security safes,commercial safes,personal safes and much more. Contact Us today or view the showroom above to pick out the industries leading safe manufacturer for a  wide variety.  See our list below of examples of safes

Gun Safes,
When it comes to gun safes it is important to know what you are looking for. Gun safes can come in many different variations ranging from interior options such as metal shelves to lavish carpet, with adjustable shelves, built in gun holsters, automatic lighting, surge protector for multiple plug-ins, built-in jewelry cases, mirrors, fine wood finishes, and so much more. All of the gun safes are designed to come with a secure and extended level of protection from such things as burglary,fire, children and so much more

Data Safes
These are in the same category as fire safes but can withstand higher heat and maintain a lower degree of heat on the interior in a fire, to protect all documents that would be sensitive to heat and melting.

Depository Safes
Great for businesses .These come with an abundance of security features which allow you to customize it to your needs as a business owner. Many businesses can sleep easier by knowing the benefits of the depository and the security backed behind it .

Jeweler Safes.
When most thefts happen, Jewelry is always at the top of the list. With Jeweler safes, theft becomes obsolete with the added protection and security of these safes.

Wall Safes
Great safes for hiding and making it to where the one having access to the safe is the only one that should know where it is.

Floor Safes
Our floor safes have an added fire and theft protection. Floor safes come in many different sizes as well as features and can be installed in many different applications. These safes can be added into concrete which would allow the extra security from a would be thief.

File Cabinet Safes
These particular safes offer fire protection for business file size documents and important records which can be done with regular file cabinet locks or by request more secure locking systems are offered

Safe Hardware
At Metro Lock & Security We carry many parts for the safes and have a repair specialist for all needed repairs and service needed. .



Card Access




Metro Lock & Security has licensed locksmiths in Illinois and Missouri that offer immediate service for a variety of different services such as lockouts, key stuck in ignition, automotive lock repairs, chip key replacements, key duplication services, commercial lockouts, break-ins, and much more.  With Metro Lock & Security you'll be dealing with a licensed locksmith with the knowledge and expertise it takes to get the job done.